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Journal of Urban and Landscape Planning
Journal of Urban and Landscape Planning

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2023  ISSN-L 2501-5591 (Online)=ISSN 2559-4141

PASCUAL, A. M., GOLTIAO, R., LIM, J. A.N., LOPEZ, W. J., OROZCO, M. F., CASTRO, J. T. - Evaluating the Transit-Oriented
Development Potential of the MRT-7 Line in Metro Manila, Philippines
The worsening traffic congestion in Metro Manila highlights the need for well implemented and integrated public mass transport. This study demonstrates the application of the Extended-Node-Place Model as a means of characterizing and classifying the selected 10 stations of the Metro Rail Transit Line 7 (MRT-7) project in order to aid city and
transportation planners to create, utilize or enhance the TransportOriented Development (TOD) attributes for each of the stations. With scores largely derived from geospatial processing using Geographic Information System (GIS), results show that three stations scored highly under Node and Place indices, one station is average across all three indices (i.e., Node, Place, and ‘Orientedness’), one station is an unsustained node, while the rest have a variation of low-averageaverage result for the three indices. With these results, a diagnostic is produced that highlights areas of improvement and areas of strength. Planners can then provide measures based on desired outcomes for each index.
Keywords: Transport-Oriented Development, Geographic Information, System, Urban Planning, MRT-7, Node-Place Model, Metro Manila

KAZAURA, W. G. - Reliability of Rapid Bus Transit in Provision of Public Transport Services in Dar es Salaam City, Tanzania
The establishment of Bus Rapid Transit system in Dar es Salaam city is one of the strategic initiatives in addressing the issue of unreliable public transport services in the rapidly urbanized cities in Tanzania. Other cities such as Arusha, Mwanza, Mbeya, Tanga and Dodoma Capital City are urbanizing very rapidly which influence demand for rapid bus transit services indicated in the master plans. The implementation BRT system with exclusive lanes, electronic ticketing, large terminals and bus stations aimed at reducing public transportation problems in Dar es Salaam city. It also intended to decrease passengers waiting times at the bus stops, reducing travel times from one bus stop to another, control overcrowdness by expanding the capacity of buses and size of bus stops, and maintaining safety and security to passengers including vulnerable groups. The study observed the improvements in public transportation services realised by implementation of BRT and  challenges specifically in operation buses and suggested to regulatory authority and policy makers the best ways of effecting reliability of public transport services in the fast-growing cities in Tanzania.
Keywords: Reliability of public transport services, Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), rapidly urbanized cities

AL-TURKMANI,  M. - Urban Planning and the Roots of Riots in Paris
Paris is considered one of the most densely populated cities, accommodating approximately 2.5 million inhabitants. It serves as the hub for a conglomerate comprising 432 municipalities and a population of 10.5 million people, the majority being located within Île-de-France region. The city exhibits a monocentric urban structure, the municipality of Paris itself being surrounded by two concentric rings of decreasing urban density. These rings encompass large-scale housing developments (suburbs) and newly established towns that emerged after World War II.
An analysis conducted by Grzegorczyk (2013) revealed a higher degree of social segregation in the entire Paris metropolitan region, compared to the city of Paris alone. The most segregated groups were the upper class, followed by foreigners, immigrants, and the lower class. This pattern highlights the significant role of auto-segregation factors and functions. Notably, a consistent division into homogeneous parts exists between the prestigious and affluent western districts and the impoverished immigrant-dominated north-eastern districts.
Our study will focus on analyzing the urban planning in Clichy-sous-Bois, which was a focal point of riots in 2005. However, before delving into that, it is crucial to examine residential suburbs in France
Keywords: Urban planning, Paris, riots, social unrest, civil unrest.

OLAGOKE E., AWODUMI AND ABIODUN AKEEM, AUDU - GIS - based Cadastral Information System for Tenement Rate Purpose: A Case Study of Agbara Estate, Badagry, Lagos State
It is obvious that the present system of tenement rate administration in the country is based on manual method which is inefficient, hard to update, time-consuming, prone to error and abuse. This study, modeled parcel-based Cadastral Information System (CIS) of Agbara Estate, a portion of Badagry Local government Area of Lagos State. This examined the capability of Geographic Information System (GIS) for the effective and efficient collection of tenement rates at Local Government level. In other to achieve this aim, GIS database design, acquisition of geometric data through ground survey methods, acquisition of attribute data, database creation, and spatial analyses were adopted.  Parcel, road and boundary layers were created in AutoCAD Land-development environment and integrated into ArcGIS. This study shows the capability of Geo-database for providing accurate and reliable information to local government tax officers, town planners and decision makers in digital format. This also shows the amount to be expected annually from each parcel and this will drastically alleviate corruption and embezzlement in the system. It is therefore recommended that government at all level should adopt Geographic Information System for digital capturing, storage and updating of land related data and for decision support system for effective tenement record.
Keywords: Cadastral Information System, land administration, GIS, Tenement rate and Database system

ISSAD, S., ARIANE, H. - Evaluating Public Transport Accessibility Levels and The Potential for a 20-minute City in Ali Mendjeli, Algeria Using a Geographic Information System (GIS)
This study examines the accessibility of transportation, in Ali Mendjeli, Algeria using the concept of a "20-minute city" where essential amenities reachable within a 20 minute walk or bike ride. By utilizing Geographic Information System (GIS) technology and the Public Transport Accessibility Level (PTAL) method we analyze pedestrian access to transport hubs, service frequency and travel durations while considering footpath infrastructure and peak usage times. The PTAL maps generated reveal variations between the connected city center and the accessible peripheries. Our investigation delves into how this data can inform enhancements to transport links, expansion of services in underserved regions and promotion of access to opportunities. Through assessing the convenience of reaching destinations within 20 minutes this research offers insights for fostering a convenient and inclusive urban setting in Ali Mendjeli. The outcomes highlight challenges as prospects in realizing the vision of a 20 minute city through sustainable transportation options targeted improvements and incorporating accessibility, into urban planning strategies and regulations.
Keywords: 20-minute City, Public Transport Accessibility Level (PTAL), GIS , Ali Mendjeli, sustainable urban mobility.

HUSSSEIN, J., KUMBLE, P., HANSON IV, W.A. H. - Framework for Planning Green-Blue Infrastructure System with the Use of Landscape-Functional Units (LaFU) for the City of Prague
Blue Green Infrastructure (BGI) plays a key role in maintaining microclimate and stormwater management. BGI is therefore, a tool to increase the resilience of cities in terms of impacts of urbanisation and climate change. This research combines two approaches for identification and planning of BGI systems  – Land Use Functional Units (LaFU) and Morphological Spatial Pattern Analysis (MSPA) for the city of Prague, Czech Republic. The first stage was carried out with the identification and classification of various natural and semi-natural land uses  areas to LaFU and evaluating these units to identify the strengths, potentials, and threats in the functioning of the BGI system. LaFU assessment was followed by Morphological Spatial Pattern Analysis (MSPA) to identify the spatial connections and fragmentation between BGIs in the form of cores and connections. The total of 29,600 Ha of area was identified as BGI in Prague under LaFU analysis. Of this area, 28.6% was identified as cores and 15 % was constituted by connections in the form of loops connecting the same cores and bridges connecting the different cores. The results from the LaFU-MSPA intersection analysis were used to design a transformation vision and strategies defined by the distribution and functionality of the BGI of the city. The study could help augment the research in the field of BGI and provide further guidance in decision making for Prague Climate Plan 2030.  
Keywords: LAFU, Infrastructure, Land Use Functional Units, City Planning, Resilence cities.

Edited by
Corina Chirila, Andrei Mitrea, Monica Radulescu
(CD-ROM)=ISSN 2501-5591 ISSN-L 2501-5591 (Online)=ISSN 2559-4141
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