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Journal of Urban and Landscape Planning
Journal of Urban and Landscape Planning

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June 18, 2018 (CD-ROM)=ISSN 2501-5591 ISSN-L 2501-5591 (Online)=ISSN 2559-4141
DAS, S and GHOSH, M.   A critical evaluation of the Solid Waste Management System in selected wards of Jangipur Municipality within the Murshidabad District, West Bengal, India
Keywords: Municipal Solid Waste (MSW), rapid urbanization, health hazards, scientific treatment
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PERSSON, J. and EMANUELSSON, K.  Using workshops to value urban green and blue surfaces
Keywords: biotope area factor, expert knowledge, urban landscape, valuation, workshop
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JENSEN, K. and BIRCHE, M. Reconfiguring the urban landscape of La Plata through a green network
Keywords: urban planning, landscape, green network

NEGULESCU, M.-H.  Considerations on the management of accessibility improvement impact on land use
Keywords: accessibility, LUM (Land Use & Mobility) planning, urban planning

ANTONESCU, D. and CIOCĂNEL, B.   Territorial resilience: an economic perspective
Keywords: resilience, regions, territorial inequalities

SOLAYMANI, H.  Applying Partial Order and SWOT analysis in water and land use planning to prioritize the adaptation strategies under  changing climate
Keywords: IWRM, adaptation, water and land-use, SWOT, POA

STAN, A-I.  River as center and/or barrier. The peripheral urban landscapes of Romanian Danube cities
Keywords: Water Edge Planning, waterfront landscape, industrial area, city barrier words

DOLANA, S.  Ecotourism planning in a wetland of international importance and sustainable territorial development
Keywords: ecotourism, wetland, urban, rural, sustainable development

BOȘTENARU DAN, M., MEILĂ A. German Church Architecture
Keywords: religious architecture, Danube Swabians, Transylvanian Saxons, Baroque, migration
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COSMA, I-G.  Waste recycling, the new-old challenge for sustainable urban development
Keywords: Bio-economy, recyclable materials, sustainable urban development

ANTONESCU, R-M.  Applying DPSIR  Model to sustainable territorial development, in South-Muntenia Region
Keywords: DPSIR Model, territorial development, sustainability, inequalities

SANSEBEȘ, R-M.  My own space. The study of our childhood playground and the rules that self-regulated the play
Keywords: urban planning, landscape, research, the sense of community, the sense of belonging, self-regulating spaces, playground analysis, social connections, child psychology, introspection, memory
May, 2017 (CD-ROM)=ISSN 2501-5591 ISSN-L 2501-5591 (Online)=ISSN 2559-4141
BOSTENARU DAN, M., DILL, A. and MIHAILA, M.  Integration of Reused and Retrofitted Buildings in Architectural–Cultural Surroundings in South–West Germany
Keywords: heritage buildings, 20th century, reuse, retrofit, Germany, Karlsruhe, Darmstadt, Heidelberg

ANTONESCU, D.  Liveable City from an Economic Perspective
Keywords: liveability, sustainable development, liveable city, urban economy
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TUCAN, L. E.  Urban Storm Water Management and Its Challenges
Keywords: climate change, floods, stormwater management, interdisciplinary research

SANSEBES, R.–M.  Liveable City Characteristics or the Continuous Process of Urban Transformation. Industry, Evolution, Neglect — A Study Applied on Brașov
Keywords: urban planning, urban landscape, research, Brașov, a study of urban planning and architecture, the evolution of the city of Brașov in the modern era, urban interventions in the period between 1850 – 2015

MOTCANU-DUMITRESCU, M.–A.  Liveable City = Walkable City
Keywords: creativity, sustainability, sense of place, interaction, ideas, attraction

MOTCANU-DUMITRESCU, M. A Creative City Is a Liveable City
Keywords: liveability, sustainability, quality of life, people movement, walking, transportation, safety

ROSCA, Ș. Sibiu — Romanian and European Liveable City
Keywords: Sibiu, liveable cities, urban development

May, 2016 (CD-ROM)=ISSN 2501-5591 ISSN-L 2501-5591
MOȚCANU–DUMITRESCU Mihai – Alexandru Opportunities  for Urban Regeneration Operations and Re-evaluation of Existing Framework, Bucharest Industrial Areas Specific Issues
Keywords: Urban renewal, reconstruction, urban modernization, urban revitalization, urban restructuring, urban regeneration, industrial areas

STADLER Reinhold Lehel  The Decline of Virtual Reality and the Rise of Augmented Reality - A digital Reshape of Public Spaces
Keywords: Public space, augmented reality, virtual reality, digital spaces, social interaction

STAN Angelica Reconfiguring the Macro Urban Landscape of Bucharest Based on its Native Traits
Keywords: landscape, rivers, heritage, Dâmbovița, Colentina, projects
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SÂRBU Cătălin N., MITREA Andrei & CHIȘ Alin D. The Question of the Danube and the Planning Myopia
Keywords: Danube, Romanian studies of the Danube, Romanian planning myopia

Ir. KIVIET, Edgar M.A. Why People are the Most Important Factor in Urban Regeneration
Keywords: urban planning, master planning, urban regeneration, transformation, community, people

BOSTENARU DAN, Maria & GOCIMAN, Cristina Olga Map of Impact of Natural Hazards
Keywords: map, natural hazard, database, impact, archive, historical

COCHECI Radu-Matei  Planning in Restrictive Environments - A Comparative Analysis of Planning Systems in EU Countries
Keywords: planning instruments, environmental planning, spatial planning, planning law

PETRIŞOR Alexandru-Ionuţ  Brief Critical Analysis of Concepts Used for Assessing the Market Value to Ecosystem Goods and Services in Urban and Spatial Plans
Keywords: holistic approach, carrying capacity, ecological infrastructure, ecosystem services

MIHĂILA Marina  Book Review - Digital representation of the Impact of the 1755 Lisbon Earthquake
Keywords: urban planning, landscape, research projects, book review, Maria Bostenaru Dan, Thomas Panagopoulos, EUIM, UAUIM

Edited by
Corina Chirila, Andrei Mitrea, Monica Radulescu
(CD-ROM)=ISSN 2501-5591 ISSN-L 2501-5591 (Online)=ISSN 2559-4141
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